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  • UPC: 028375201914
  • Manufacturer: Woodstock Chimes
  • Model Number: CC7

Tuned to the chakra frequencies, this windchime features 7 chakra stones.

The 7 stones of this wind chime's clapper are aligned in an ascending column, just as the seven chakras are aligned along the spine in the human body.

  • UPC: 028375107414
  • Manufacturer: Woodstock Chimes

This beautiful piece features a cast metal acorn bell and leaf windcatcher. This stunning wind bell takes a page from nature, featuring an acorn bell and an oak leaf windcatcher.

  • UPC: 028375216611
  • Manufacturer: Woodstock Chimes

Handcrafted steel bell with deep resonance; plays beautifully in the wind. This handcrafted, wind-activated bell, with its bold tone and design, functions nicely as a welcome bell at any entrance to your home or garden.