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  • UPC: 744845402253
  • Manufacturer: Oxbow Animal Health

Looking for a good, basic grass hay with high quality nutrition, and a fresh fragrance that’s irresistible to small herbivores? Oxbow Western Timothy Hay is the ideal long-strand fiber source for keeping small animal digestive tracts functioning properly. Our most popular grass hay—with high fiber, low protein and low calcium content—is widely recommended by veterinarians. Oxbow Animal Health was the first pet food company to introduce timothy hay as a staple in the small animal diet. It is now an industry standard.

  • UPC: 022808383017
  • Manufacturer: Merrick

Cats thrive on a grain free diet high in quality protein with moderate fat levels and low levels of carbohydrates. That's why Purrfect Bistro Grain Free Real Salmon Recipe Cat Food provides balanced nutrition using real whole foods sourced from local farmers. This natural, 100% grain free formula cat food is ideal for adult cats 1 - 7 years old with a focus on nutrient rich ingredients to support overall health. 

  • UPC: 022808786108
  • Manufacturer: Merrick

Freeze-dried bites of poultry provide a nutritional raw boost in a convenient and safe format for dogs to enjoy. They can be served as a complete and balanced meal on their own, as a mixer added to kibble, or served as a treat.

  • UPC: 076344101970
  • Manufacturer: WellPet Natural Pet Food

This classic P-Nuttier® bone-shaped biscuits are oven-baked with a taste of Peanut Butter and Molasses.

  • UPC: 884244494135
  • Manufacturer: Dogswell

Soft strips of drool worthy cage-free duck made with a limited number of healthy ingredients.

  • UPC: 858755000154
  • Manufacturer: Health Extension

Our newest dry feline formula, Allergix Turkey & Salmon, offers all
the health benefits that Holistic Health Extension is known for but in a grain-free formula. Our ingredients have been carefully chosen for their nutritional benefits providing just what any feline friend needs for a healthy life. We have been offering Health Extension for over 10 years as a healthy, palatable alternative in pet nutrition. We are pleased to offer you this new Allergix Kitten & Adult Cat food formulated with the same high standards.

  • UPC: 186734003743
  • Model Number: 32342083

Give your pet the restful sleep they deserve with a NAP Deluxe Orthopedic Pet Bed. Snuggly-soft terry fleece sleep surface and lustrous dyed-to-match suedine gusset. Deep convolute foam provides your pet with extra support and cushioning for maximum comfort.

  • UPC: 857253003742

At last, a safer, healthier, better alternative to Rawhide. No-Hide™ Chews gives new meaning to dog treats. No-Hide™ Chicken Chew is a long-lasting, 100% digestible chew, created for your dog’s enjoyment and your own peace of mind. The chicken has been carefully rolled, cooked, and uniquely dried for a one of a kind chew your dog will love! Contains NO rawhide.

  • UPC: 840139103872
  • Manufacturer: Barkworthies

Barkworthies Natural Kangaroo Jerky is an all-natural chew made of free-range kangaroo. Completely digestible and hypoallergenic, it makes an ideal treat for dogs with allergies or sensitive stomachs. Rich in iron and zinc plus Vitamins B6 and B12, this jerky is as healthy as it is tasty!

  • UPC: 022808785057
  • Manufacturer: Merrick

Merrick Kitchen Bites are all-natural, oven-baked biscuits based on Merrick’s innovative and award-winning classic can recipes. Kitchen Bites start with real deboned meat as the #1 ingredient for a single source of high quality protein, then fresh fruits and vegetables, for a crunchy and healthy treat for dogs. Unlike many biscuits that include rice, flour or wheat, Kitchen Bites are grain-free and gluten-free. 

  • UPC: 784672107778
  • Manufacturer: Health Extension

This exciting new Grain Free dry dog food variety, Grain Free Duck & Chickpea, offers all the health benefits of the Holistic Health Extension System in a grain-free formula. 

  • UPC: 074198613489
  • Manufacturer: Diamond Pet Foods

A limited-ingredient diet for dogs with sensitive stomachs and food-related digestive issues.

  • UPC: 074198613519
  • Manufacturer: Diamond Pet Foods

A low-fat, high-fiber diet for weight management in cats.

  • Manufacturer: OurPet's

Each bowl holds up to 5.5 cups of dry food. Encourages healthy eating posture and digestion. Spill ridge keeps food and water off the floor.


  • UPC: 835953003118
  • Manufacturer: Grizzly Pet Products

Grizzly Salmon Oil™ is derived only from wild Alaskan Salmon that have spent their entire lives foraging on a natural, nutrient-rich diet. The resulting oil contains a balanced blend of valuable fatty acids, inherent antioxidants and traces of vitamins that naturally occur in the salmon, which will not interfere with your dog’s intake of vitamins from other sources.  16 oz.

  • UPC: 835953005426
  • Manufacturer: Grizzly Pet Products

Help maintain the health of your dog's hips, joints, cartilage and collagen—along with added digestive support! Joint Aid combines four powerful joint ingredients with wild Antarctic krill oil to support digestive absorption. The result is a unique joint product that can be more readily absorbed by your dog to help maintain the health of hips, joints, cartilage, collagen, and other cell structures of the body that are responsible for movement. 20 oz.

  • UPC: 769397143386
  • Model Number: 4338

Pet Food gets stale..unless you store it in a vault - a Vittles Vault! Let your pet get the most from their meals. Holds 35+ lbs. of Pet Food. Has an airtight gasket seal.

  • UPC: 052742002156
  • Manufacturer: Hill's Pet Nutrition
  • Model Number: 10135

Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Urinary Hairball Control cat food provides precisely balanced nutrition to help support the health of the whole urinary system. Natural fiber comfortably reduces hairballs, clincally proven antioxident benefits, and has no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. 

  • UPC: 034846723137
  • Manufacturer: Midwestern Pet Food, Inc

Earthborn Holistic® Bison Meal Recipe Biscuits are tasty, low-calorie treats for dogs. Grain and gluten-free, this hearty formula is packed with high-quality bison meal and blended with vegetables and fruits for optimal palatability. Powered by the cutting-edge ingredient, Antarctic krill meal, these treats are a nutrient-rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids and protein. Treat your dog to something he can enjoy while still maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.

  • Manufacturer: Petmate Pet Products

In water, on land or in the sky this rugged Chuckit! ZipFlight fetch toy is designed for exceptional performance and visibility. It's durable, pliable, and it floats! The light weight is perfect for an easy catch & comfort on your dog's mouth. Floats through the air - fast flight! Floats high on the water. Unsinkable! 

  • UPC: 855435003719
  • Manufacturer: Healthy Essentials

Now there is an easy, natural and effective way to give your dog the benefit of probiotics. Healthy Essentials Vital 11 Spray is the first probiotic food spray for dogs to contain 11 strains of live and viable bacteria.  All-natural holistic canine formula. 

  • UPC: 878408004674
  • Manufacturer: Weruva for Cats

Weruva's Love Me Tender features boneless and skinless white chicken breast in a tender au jus sauce that your dog will love!

  • UPC: 878408004957
  • Manufacturer: Weruva for Cats

Chicken, Turkey & Salmon Dinner With Lentils will fuel your dog and satisfy the pickiest of eaters. With a cornucopia of meats, this GRAIN & POTATO FREE food provides an easy to digest meal with low-glycemic load.

  • Manufacturer: Dr. Elsey's Quality Products

Cat Attract™…the problem cat training litter. This scoopable litter provides a solution for cat owners whose cats do not use their litter box. Blended with a natural herb attractant, Cat Attract’s herbal scent, ideal texture and particle size combine to solve litter box problems. 20 lbs.

  • Manufacturer: Halo Pet Food

Highest quality protein: Whole meats and fresh vegetables. No inferior by-products, rendered meats or meat meals. Formulated for optimum protein and complete nutrition. Helps maintain body tone and body tissue. Ideal for all life stages. 5.5 oz.