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  • Manufacturer: Espoma Natural Gardening Solutions
  • SKU: 104765

All natural for all your vegetables. Contains Bio-Tone, a blend of beneficial microbes.

  • UPC: 081435036123
  • Manufacturer: Neptune's Harvest
  • Model Number: 36123

Neptune's Harvest fish hydrolysate is an all organic, highly nutritional protein fertilizer, made utilizing naturally occurring enzymes present in fresh North Atlantic fish. We produce this using a cold process employing enzymes (natural biological catalysts) which break down fish, or fish frames (the part left after the fillet is removed for human consumption) to simpler protein complexes.

  • Manufacturer: FoxFarm Soil & Fertilizer Company

Happy Frog's high phosphorus bat guano is perfect for gardeners who want the extra strength of this single, powerful ingredient. Because of the long aging process that this product goes through, it helps deliver spectacular flowers, sweeter fruit, and multiple buds. 

Cal-Turf Pro™ is more effective than limestone in rasing soil pH. They begin to neutralize soil acidity immediately, resulting in soil pH increases that can be measured in weeks rather than months. 

  • UPC: 832311000086
  • Manufacturer: Lucerne Farms

A heat-treated, sterile ground cover that is easy to spread and ideal for grass seeding or for mulching a garden.