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Beautiful shades of Orange, Red, Yellow, Bronze, Purple White, & Pink epitomize the Chrysanthemum as the fall classic it is. Tolerant of frost, this annual is sure to catch everyone's eye as a single pot placed in a doorway, or as a mass planting along your driveway. Insect, disease, and deer resistant, it's about the most carefree plant on the market.

Darwin Hybrid Tulip bulbs are a hybridization of Single Late Tulips and Fosteriana Tulips. (Otherwise, known as Emperor Tulips). Darwin Hybrid Tulips feature giant flowers on sturdy stems, and are the tallest class of tulips (22-24 inches tall).  Darwin Hybrid Tulips are the most popular landscape tulip bulbs, and are also magnificent for cut flower production.  Of all the tulip bulb groups Darwin Hybrid Tulips have the strongest perennial qualities.  Darwin Hybrid Tulip bulbs will flower mid season.