Product Catalog

Valfei is manufacturer of super premium wood pellets. Our wood pellets are made of 100% hardwood, mostly maple, oak and wild cherry. They are produced in our Shawinigan (Quebec, Canada) production plant.

Recognized for the energy returns obtained by their longer and cleaner combustion, our wood pellets answers the most rigorous requirements in efficiency, cleanliness and comfort.

100% all natural pine wood is hand split into approx 8in lengths, Fatwood offers a safe, simple, and mess-free way to start any fire and can be used in fireplaces, pellet fuel stoves and barbecues. Place two sticks in fire area and light with match.

Remove moss, mildew & algae stains on exterior surfaces without pressure washing, scrubbing or rinsing. Uses the elements to slowly & throughly remove stains.

  • Manufacturer: Mrs. Wages Home Canning Products

Make your own salsa with fresh or canned tomatos

  • Manufacturer: Mrs. Wages Home Canning Products

Make your own delicious dill pickles using cucumbers you preserve yourself.

The Maglite® flashlight, renowned for its quality, durability, and reliability, is now available with the new MAG-LED® Technology. Designed for professional and consumer use, Maglite® LED flashlights build on the experience in craftsmanship, engineering, and advanced technology evident in all Mag® flashlights.

  • Manufacturer: EdenPURE

The EdenPURE GEN4 was proudly designed and manufactured in North Canton, Ohio with patent pending technology to help reduce heating costs.

  • UPC: 722510035005

O’Keeffe’s® Working Hands® Hand Cream is a concentrated hand cream that heals, relieves and repairs extremely dry, cracked hands. O'Keeffe's Working Hands is a unique formulation of moisturizing ingredients guaranteed to improve the health of your skin. From ranchers to contractors, gardeners to nurses, many people suffer from severe dry skin.

Granules LG wood pellets are known for their superior heating value and have become very popular because they consistently deliver high BTUs and low ash. They are a 100% natural product and consistently surpass industry standards for pellet fuel.

TERRO®’s original ant killer, provides fast-acting elimination of the queen and entire colony.  The ant killer is specifically designed – using the active ingredient Borax- to kill the worker ant in two to three days, giving the foraging ants enough time to share the bait with the rest of the unsuspecting colony.

  • Manufacturer: Cargill
  • Model Number: 722304206097

Agway® Chick Starter and Grower is designed to be fed to growing layers. Chick Starter is in a crumble form to help reduce waste and help ensure every chick receives a balanced diet.

  • Manufacturer: Alpine Corporation
  • Model Number: WIN622

Leave the world and your troubles behind as you relax to the sothing sound of this Tabletop Leaf Fountain. Alpine's newest line of fiberglass fountains have the look of natural stone with the strength and durability of fiberglass. Multiple streams of water flow creates a relaxing and meditative atmosphere. They can be placed indoors or out.

  • Model Number: OH-100-DG

Outdoor Hands is a dramatic new hand cream developed by a clinical pharmacist for his family, patients and medical associates when no other creams were effective in treating their cracked, chapped and dry hands. It contains an effective blend of certified organic oils and botanical extracts for superior healing and moisturizing. Because it contains no mineral oils or petrolatum, it is quickly and fully absorbed by the skin, leaving hands feeling soothed and refreshed with no greasy residue.

  • Model Number: TW40

Tub O' Towels Multi-Purpose Wipes have 9 powerful cleaning agents that are packed into 1 tough towel! Tub O' Towels are immersed in more than 2 pounds of their proprietary 9-cleaning-agent formula in every tub. This is no off-the-shelf disinfectant; this is a serious cleaning solution for serious messes. A tough cleaning solution deserves a tough towel. Tub O' Towel's fiber weave design not only captures grime and dirt particles, it’s tough enough to withstand vigorous scrubbing for jobs that need a little more elbow grease.

  • Manufacturer: La Crosse Technology
  • Model Number: WS-9133T-IT

Pick up a new weather station for your home at Scamman's Home & Garden. This La Crosse Wireless Weather Station also features a forecasting function with 3 weather icons and weather tendency indicator. Other features include: Time alarm with snooze, wall hanging or free standing, range of up to 330 feet, monitors indoor temperature and outdoor temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Harper's 24" Heavy Duty Outdoor Push Broom sweeps heavy debris such as mulch, heavy gravel, oil dry, nails, dirt and soil. It's great for outdoor use under wet or dry conditions such as job sites, grain elevators, fertilizer plants & landscaping!

  • Model Number: 134619

If exposed, wash contact areas well with cool water and GRANDMA’S Poison Ivy Bar to remove poison oils. (Cool water keeps the pores closed reducing the likelihood that the oils will penetrate the skin.) If rash develops wash & rinse affected areas with Poison Ivy Bar and then pat a little lather on the rash and leave on to dry. Repeat as necessary to control itch. (Lather dries clear and won't stain fabrics.) Colloidal oatmeal also helps calm inflamed irritated skin.