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  • UPC: 788479360046
  • SKU: 551513

Dead Sea Works, LTD. Magnesium Chloride Pellets 50lb features a round shape that passes easily though broadcast spreaders with even distribution. These pellets contain 47% chloride and are environmentally safer on vegetation, concrete, hands and metal.

  • UPC: 638898150509
  • SKU: 594934

100% Sodium Chloride De-Icing salt.  Effective to 20 degrees F. Manufactured by the L.D. Oliver Seed Company.

  • UPC: 070648810507
  • Manufacturer: Milazzo Industries Inc
  • SKU: 330399
  • Model Number: 81050

A special time release formula - Qik Joe Polar Express activates quickly. In addition, the various components melt at different speeds, allowing melting to occur over an extended period of time. Safer for the environment. Contains heat-generating ice control crystals that ensure excellent product performance at lower temperatures. Qik Joe Polar Express will out performs others in its class.

  • Manufacturer: Animal Health International

3' x 24' Natural Burlap for protecting shrubs from winter wind burn, freezing rain or limp breakage, root balling shrubs & small trees, Gypsy moth control & crafts.

  • Manufacturer: Garant
  • SKU: 81662
  • Model Number: APSS22

Sleigh shovel, poly scoop, steel wear strip and steel handle with grey baked enamel finish.

  • UPC: 049206169364
  • Manufacturer: Ames True Temper
  • SKU: 16936

Multi-purpose scraper with forged 7'' x 14 3/8'' blade. 54'' wooden handle.

  • Manufacturer: Alpine Corporation
  • Model Number: SLC131

Do you find that your garden is a bit dull and boring? Enough with the plants and greens, it’s time to bring a new color in. The Solar Snowflake Garden Stake with Blue LED Light isn’t only a unique addition to your garden, but a cost and energy-efficient one, too. Since it is solar powered, all you need is to find a well-lit area in your garden and you’re good to go.

  • Manufacturer: Garant
  • Model Number: YPSS26

Ergo sleigh shovel. Poly scoop with steel wear strip. Ergonomic steel handle with gray baked enamel finish.

  • UPC: 858637003006

Stump Chunks is 100% natural! This real wood product is for quick blazing kindling and fire starter in one. Completely green and self sustaining, Stump Chunks is 100% wood. It contains absolutely no chemicals or additives. The secret to this magic is in the stump itself. It just took some clever but chilly fellows to figure out how to unleash its potential.