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  • Manufacturer: Mrs. Wages Home Canning Products

Make your own delicious dill pickles using cucumbers you preserve yourself.

  • Manufacturer: Mrs. Wages Home Canning Products

Make your own salsa with fresh or canned tomatos

Quart mason jars with lids & bands.  Preserve the goodness of home grown and homemade produce & preserves.  

Remove moss, mildew & algae stains on exterior surfaces without pressure washing, scrubbing or rinsing. Uses the elements to slowly & throughly remove stains.

  • UPC: 070648810507
  • Manufacturer: Milazzo Industries Inc
  • SKU: 330399
  • Model Number: 81050

A special time release formula - Qik Joe Polar Express activates quickly. In addition, the various components melt at different speeds, allowing melting to occur over an extended period of time. Safer for the environment. Contains heat-generating ice control crystals that ensure excellent product performance at lower temperatures. Qik Joe Polar Express will out performs others in its class.

  • UPC: 638898150509
  • SKU: 594934

100% Sodium Chloride De-Icing salt.  Effective to 20 degrees F. Manufactured by the L.D. Oliver Seed Company.

  • UPC: 788479360046
  • SKU: 551513

Dead Sea Works, LTD. Magnesium Chloride Pellets 50lb features a round shape that passes easily though broadcast spreaders with even distribution. These pellets contain 47% chloride and are environmentally safer on vegetation, concrete, hands and metal.

100% all natural pine wood is hand split into approx 8in lengths, Fatwood offers a safe, simple, and mess-free way to start any fire and can be used in fireplaces, pellet fuel stoves and barbecues. Place two sticks in fire area and light with match.

Valfei is manufacturer of super premium wood pellets. Our wood pellets are made of 100% hardwood, mostly maple, oak and wild cherry. They are produced in our Shawinigan (Quebec, Canada) production plant.

Recognized for the energy returns obtained by their longer and cleaner combustion, our wood pellets answers the most rigorous requirements in efficiency, cleanliness and comfort.