Product Catalog

  • Manufacturer: Bonide

BT Kurstaki 15% A liquid formulation of bacteria. Controls caterpillars, loopers, cabbageworms, hornworms, leaf folders and leaf rollers. One pint treats up to 10,875 sq. ft. Won’t harm beneficial insects.

  • UPC: 687073085105

With SERENADE Garden, you can effectively treat the diseases in your garden without worrying about the safety of your family and pets or the effects of harsh pesticides in your yard and garden. SERENADE Garden offers you the same effective control used by thousands of farmers to grow beautiful, disease-free fruits, vegetables and flowers without chemicals that can be harmful to people or the environment.

The LX version of the legendary Smart Cart has been designed for the specific needs of the serious home gardener. 3 year manufacturer warranty. This cart is a lighter duty version of the original/contractor grade Smart Cart.

  • Manufacturer: The Dramm Corporation

Dramm's ColorStorm Sprinklers are available at Scamman's Home & Garden. Dramm's Oscillating Sprinkler has a re-engineered drive system for a longer life. With its newly designed housing, it brings increased stability. Now you can cover up to 3,036 sq. ft. when you're watering your lawn or garden!

Harper's 24" Heavy Duty Outdoor Push Broom sweeps heavy debris such as mulch, heavy gravel, oil dry, nails, dirt and soil. It's great for outdoor use under wet or dry conditions such as job sites, grain elevators, fertilizer plants & landscaping!

  • Manufacturer: Lebanon Seaboard Corporation

Preen Weed Preventer stops weeds from germinating in flower and vegetable gardens, in ground covers and around trees and shrubs. Preen will not kill existing weeds. It will prevent new weeds from sprouting — eliminating the need for difficult and time‑consuming hand‑weeding. Without weeds, your valuable plants can grow larger and stronger.

Your beds will stay neat and weed-free all season long!

  • UPC: 811249020007

A thick syrup bait containing 5% borax in a super-sweet formula ants can not resist. The syrup attracts ants fast and kills all common household ants. And unlike liquid formulas, it will stay put on a horizontal surface. Ant Killer is packed in convenient 1 fl oz squeeze tubes. Pick up Maggie's Farm Ant Killer from Scamman's Home & Garden!

  • Manufacturer: Earthway
  • Model Number: 1001-B

An ideal row crop planter, the 1001-B is a tool that takes the guesswork out of planting any row crop. Here’s how it works: install one of the precision seed plates that best fits your seed, then adjust the depth of planting on the ground opener, and then set your 30” long row marker for the desired width, then fill the seed hopper with seeds, then begin pushing in your well tilled soil, that’s it. The results will speak for themselves when days later you look at your garden and see all the row crops come out of the ground at the same time; perfect, making you the envy of all gardeners who don’t have the 1001-B.

  • UPC: 736210305641
  • Manufacturer: Botanical Interests
  • Model Number: 3056

If you have eaten broccoli in Italy, you know why Di Cicco is superb. It produces numerous small to medium sized heads well into the summer for more delicious broccoli more often! We recommend harvesting the main head when it is 3" in diameter; this will encourage side shoots. Di Cicco is a good freezer variety, and leaves are also edible, cooked like chard. Seeds are excellent for sprouting!

  • UPC: 041530697162
  • Manufacturer: Burpee

Easy to grow and full of vitamins. Nantes Half Long has slim, cylindrical, orange roots that are 7" long, 1½" thick. It's been proven tops for productivity, delicious flavor and wide adaptability. GARDEN HINTS: Sow seed in deep, well-worked stone-free soil after danger of heavy frost in the spring. Do not transplant because crooked roots may result. A 1,500 seed packet sows a 40' row.

  • UPC: 023626006157
  • Manufacturer: Neogen

Ramik Green Rodent Pellets is a blend of multiple grains, sweetener and fish flavoring combined into a nugget that is exceptionally palatable to rats and mice. Rodents prefer Ramik over competitive food sources. Ramik is the only registered rodenticide that’s weather-resistant without containing paraffin, a substance that can reduce palatability to rodents.

Sturdy and attractive “A” frames for protecting delicate plants & shrubs from heavy snow & ice. Made of pressure treated wood frame and tough, woven polypropylene facing. Individually boxed for easy retail.

  • Manufacturer: Wilt Pruf
  • Model Number: 07009

1 quart concentrate. Wilt-Pruf® guards against moisture loss year round. When evergreens have been exposed to extreme drying conditions, they may not have enough moisture. Wilt-Pruf® gives them that added protection they need.

  • Manufacturer: Bonide
  • Model Number: 238

All natural ingredients but repulsive to vermin and other undesirables. Repels three ways, by sense of touch, taste and smell. This is the most comprehensive animal repellent on the market. Protects plants and property, including structures, for up to 2 months per application. Rain fast after 6 hours. May be used around edibles. (Garlic, dried blood, whole egg solids, clove, fish oil, onion, wintergreen).

  • Manufacturer: Summit Industries

Marshy swampy areas inundated with larvae? Sprinkle Mosquito Bits® (Quick Kill) as a shock to quickly annihilate the larval population. Corn cob granules coated in Bti, the Bits™ (do not last long but) provide a punch, turning water black with larvae, to a clear pool void of future mosquitoes.

  • Model Number: 90060

Protilizer® Seed & Plant Starter with beneficial soil microbes grows strong roots and reduces plant loss due to shock and disease. One packet makes one gallon of solution, treating 72 transplants, 64 bulbs or 18 four inch pots and is 100% organic.

  • Manufacturer: Monterey Lawn & Garden

For the effective control of phytophthora diseases associated with Sudden Oak Death (S.O.D.), downy mildew, phytophthora and pythium and other root rot diseases in ornamentals and bedding plants, and pythium in turf. Depending on usage, apply as foliar spray, soil drench, soil incorporation, basal bark treatment or bare root dip. Also controls fire blight on apples, pears and ornamentals.Can be used as both preventative and curative spray. 1 quart.

  • UPC: 081435036123
  • Manufacturer: Neptune's Harvest
  • Model Number: 36123

Neptune's Harvest fish hydrolysate is an all organic, highly nutritional protein fertilizer, made utilizing naturally occurring enzymes present in fresh North Atlantic fish. We produce this using a cold process employing enzymes (natural biological catalysts) which break down fish, or fish frames (the part left after the fillet is removed for human consumption) to simpler protein complexes.

  • UPC: 038398001071
  • Manufacturer: Animal Health International
  • Model Number: 1071

Stop wasting time pulling weeds and you’ll have more energy to enjoy your garden. WeedBlock landscape fabric not only prevents weeds, it encourages root growth by keeping soil moist and cool. Made of UV-treated polyethylene, this cost-effective weed control fabric features patented “Microfunnels®” that allow the free flow of air, water and nutrients to the soil while blocking sunlight – and weeds! For a chemical free, easy to use weed barrier, WeedBlock is perfect for your garden and landscape areas.

  • Model Number: 5029

Jiffy Seed Starter tray complete with 50 large cells of Jiffy Strips. The perfect beginning for seed-starting and cutting development.

  • Manufacturer: St. Gabriel Organics

Holy Moley Mole Repellent repels moles by two modes of action, scent and taste. All natural - made from Castor Oil and Fuller's Earth. Harmless to pets and humans. Safe for use in gardens and around crops.

Preferred for seed starting of early planting annuals and vegetables. For seedlings needing more days in the greenhouse before transplanting such as eggplant, peppers and tomatoes. Also great for step up transplants to larger planting containers or direct transplants to ground post frost.

  • Model Number: F1153

Recommended for terrestrial to semi-terrestrial orchids, Black Gold® Orchid Mix is a premium quality special blend of small bark, peat moss and perlite/pumice. It contains added lime, to regulate pH and is highly recommended for Cymbidium, Paphiopedilum, and Phaius orchid species, among others.

  • Manufacturer: Border Concepts
  • Model Number: 39978

Frost resistant. Lilac. Measures 11 3/4'' x 10 3/4''.

Shake-Away Deer Repellent work by manipulating the deer's inborn instinctive fear of predators. The active ingredient in DRPs is predator urine. The scent of the Coyote's marking tool (urine) communicates through the deer's most keen sense, smell, to alert the animal that danger is lurking somewhere nearby.