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Pansies Are Here (and so is spring)! Stop in to see our large, beautiful pansies.
Grilling Season is here - stop in to see our great selection of Weber and Saber Grills.
Need a lot of compost, loam or mulch? We deliver 7 days a week.
Mole damage in your lawn or garden? See us, we can help.

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Tips For Planting Your Garden

Chances are, if you haven’t started planting already, you’re at least thinking about getting your hands dirty. We’ve assembled a few tips for you to consider before coming in and picking up your supplies.

Organic Gardening Basics

Questions come to mind when you think of organic gardening: Will I have to share my crop with the insects and pests? Should I plant twice as much and work twice as hard only to have half the yield?

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